Terrace board Sib. larch nature

Product No. 610111
Length 4000mm
Broad 145mm
Strength 25mm
origin Russia


The outdoor classic!

Larch is durable and one of the highest quality timbers!

Extend your living room with a larch terrace and use your garden as living space. With the help of larch wood, you can design not only the interior but also the exterior stylishly according to your wishes. Larch is the perfect type of wood for windows, profile boards, gates, garden fences, terraces, pergolas, garden paths, swimming pool surrounds, bathing jetties, floors and much more.

Outdoor wood is constantly exposed to the elements such as rain, sun, drying out, etc. As a type of heartwood, larch is more resistant to changes in wood moisture content caused by weather influences and the consequent infestation of harmful wood organisms. However, observing the principles of constructive wood protection is decisive.
Staggers and boards (smooth or ribbed) are always available from us in various dimensions.

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