Longstrip beech

Product No. 130332
Length 2190mm
Broad 182mm
overall strength 14mm
wear layer 3.5mm
Package (VPE) 3.198m 2

Basic ship's floor beech

Basic Longstrip Beech is one of our basic products with an elegant beech decor that offers you a feel-good atmosphere at the best price!

This ready-to-use parquet is supplied in the form of ready-to-use varnished or oiled planks. Thanks to a factory surface treatment with high-quality paints or oils, no further treatment measures are required and the floor can be walked on immediately after assembly.

What is special about Basic Longstrip Beech?

This laying pattern is not called that for no reason, because this design is actually based on the classic floor covering in shipbuilding. The irregular laying of small wooden elements in different sizes gives a very authentic impression of the natural raw material wood. A stable 3-layer construction is particularly dimensionally stable and reduces the formation of gaps between individual planks.

With the modern click system, a quick and easy installation without glue is possible. A ship's floor is a one-time, long-term investment in comfortable living space at a fair price. In addition, the lacquered (silk lacquer) surface is particularly robust and easy to care for.

Nowadays, oak is a classic among the types of wood, but other types of wood such as oak , maple , ash are also suitable and are offered by us.

Who lays my ship's floor?

As an experienced floor laying company, we know what is important and how the desired look can best be achieved. Natural oak is a classic for all types of living spaces, whether living room, bedroom or children's room. The floor is also popular in modern offices because it exudes a dignified atmosphere.

Our ship floors can be glued floating or over the entire surface (recommended for underfloor heating). We only use high-quality and low-emission parquet adhesive .

Contact us, we will be pleased to advise you.

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