Longstrip Oak Lost

Product No. 190116
Length 2190mm
Broad 182mm
overall strength 14mm
wear layer 3.0mm
Package (VPE) 3,189m2

Longstrip Oak Lost 14mm

Longstrip Oak Lost comes from the Handmade collection and is made for the most demanding customers. Manufactured using unique manual woodworking methods that add complete character to every plank you make. It has a multi-layer structure with crossed layers of wood. Floors made using this method prove their durability and do not age quickly. It is made from a hardwood oak which is always the safest and best choice.

What is special about Longstrip Oak Lost?

A high-quality brushing process emphasizes the natural appearance of the wood. It adds more texture to the surface while emphasizing the grain. Brushing removes softer grains and this process makes the wood stronger and more durable. The tan and naturally oiled finish accentuates every grain and allows the wood to look natural while adding high light to the room. Oak floors are hardwood floors, but they are also flexible. Regardless of the friction you put them under, they'll look new and classic even after years of everyday use. Oak is a classic among the types of wood. What makes it a classic is the slow growing process and high quality hardwood. Whatever type of oak you choose, it will be a local, renewable variety with exceptional properties. As a hardwood, oak is ideal for flooring. With a 3-layer parquet, all the forces in the wood are balanced, and with this type of floor it is possible to obtain boards of large dimensions.

Who lays my ship's floor?

Experienced floor layers know what is important and how the desired look can best be achieved. And also what the optimal distance between the ends of the individual rods in your room should be. A professionally installed ship's floor is always worthwhile. Since we are also laying professionals, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

The unique manual methods of woodworking give the wooden floorboards a completely individual character. Multi-layer construction with cross-glued layers of wood guarantees exceptional durability and durability. The Handmade collection recommended for the most demanding customers.

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