Strip parquet 500 natural oak 22mm

Product No. 110214
Length 500mm
Broad 70mm
overall strength 22mm
Package (VPE) 1.40 m 2

Strip parquet 500 natural oak 22mm

Strip parquet 500 natural oak is the classic form of parquet flooring - solid strip parquet is the highest quality type of parquet, which allows various laying patterns such as herringbone, various associations or cube and braided patterns. Strip parquet can be sanded down and renovated several times due to its massive structure. The floor is very robust and therefore durable. Despite its long tradition, strip parquet is contemporary and versatile today - a characterful "contemporary" for every furnishing style, from loft to castle.
We offer different formats and sortings - some of the most popular formats in Vienna and Austria are:

350x70x16mm 500x70x16mm
350x70x22mm 500x70x22mm

How do we lay strip parquet 500 natural oak 22mm?

Strip parquet 500 Natural Oak is usually laid raw and glued over the entire surface. It can also be nailed and screwed to wooden subfloors. The parquet floor can then be sanded down with the parquet sanding machine in several sanding steps. The surface is then treated with parquet varnish, oil or wax oil.

We therefore recommend hiring an experienced floor layer for laying strip parquet, because this wooden floor has to be glued down over the entire surface.

What is special about strip parquet?

The fact that this parquet does not allow joints makes it a very hygienic floor. Therefore, this floor covering is also very suitable for allergy sufferers. It is also characterized by a high resilience and can therefore not only be used in the private sector, but also in the commercial and public sector. Not only the high durability is characteristic of the strip parquet, but also its long durability. Due to the high structure, this solid parquet can be sanded down several times without any problems. Anyone who chooses strip parquet often makes a decision for many, many years.

What choices are there?

The sanded strip parquet can be finished according to customer requirements. You can choose between an oiled, waxed or sealed surface. And the types of wood are also extremely varied. There is a choice of woods such as rustic oak , maple , birch or beech in a wide variety of grades such as natural or rustic.

Oak is and remains a true classic among woods. Whether natural or rustic oak, brown oak, smoked oak or red oak - with this wood you are choosing a local, renewable raw material with special properties. Due to the slow growth of the tree, this is a very hard wood, which is perfect for flooring. Strip parquet made of oak is therefore extremely dimensionally stable and only "works" slightly.

Since it is a natural product, many types of wood darken or develop their typical color such as cherry. Freshly laid, for example, the cherry wood has an orange-red color. The characteristic red-brown tone only develops over time.

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