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Berger-Seidle Brilliance AquaOilcare | 1L

Berger-Seidle Brilliance AquaOilcare

Berger Seidle Brilliance AquaOilcare is the water-based, polish-free wipe care for oil-impregnated wood surfaces for everyday use. It is not self-igniting, very easy to apply and gives a beautiful, matt wood look with a long-lasting care effect. Brilliance AquaOilCare dries quickly and re-impregnates the wood. Minor scratches are covered and "healed" as well as new scratches are reduced due to a self-healing effect to a certain extent.

Depending on the substrate and working method: approx. 5-20 ml/m² or 50-200 m²/l
Excess orders must be avoided at all costs.

Talk to us about your needs directly when purchasing, we will work out a specific solution for each one to ensure your satisfaction.

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